Our own exclusive club glass

As per today we are happy to announce that we now can sell shit. We don’t have an official marketplace account yet due to some limitations, enforcing us to setup our own shop. Though, we are well aware, that the look of this website is not promising, but I ensure you, our shop works like a cherry-charm.

If anything goes south, let us know via Instagram DM, we will sort it out for you. Enjoy shopping!

Rizky Syahputra Personal Favorite Fighting Games

This time we had the honour of having one of our best friends, Rizky Syahputra filling in our Courtside Countdown programme. For those you have not heard about this programme, basically Courtside Countdown covers the ultimate top tens of whatever of our contributor’s liking. This time Rizky will share his top ten personal favorite fighting game. Hope you enjoy it!

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