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Hi! We are back again in the second edition of ROOMSERVICE by Detlef Schrempf. This time we are going to share our experience when visiting Mahesa Almeida's room. This is probably, one of the most vivid place (in a very positif way) we have ever visited in Jakarta. The room, we say, was full of surprise and with never ending entertainment. We could literally stuck in this room for days (or weeks) without complaining being bored.

So we asked him, what are his best shooting video games. You can find the whole list underneath, but his #1 shmups game is: Xevious (AC/FC/PCE).

  1. Arcade machine with Street Fighter II Super decoration and custom joystick ball top & buttons.

  2. Mahesa was showing us, newbies, on how to operate an arcade machine. Easy to learn but extremely hard to master.

  3. Our staff was checking on the PC Engine console.

This was not the first time we visited Mahesa's place, but this time was special, we got the chance to look deeply into what he has been collecting for years and to talk to him about geek stuff; from Laser Disc to video games. We could easily say his place was one of the best and good lookin' mancave we have ever visited. During the visit we got the idea that his favorite video game genre was Shoot 'em Up. Here's the list of his top 10 shmups games

Mahesa Top 10: Xevious (ac/fc/pce), Salamander (ac/pce), Zanac (fds), Tatsujin Oh (ac), Armed Police Batrider (ac), Battle Garegga (ac), Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label (ac/x360), Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label (ac/x360), Musha Aleste (md), Dogyuun! (ac).

Thanks Mahesa!

  1. We could spot at least a dozen arcade machines inside this rather compact area. Our eyes could not stop wondering, checking all the eye-catching things & gimmicks inside the room. 100% the most good looking gaming room in Jakarta.

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  2. KIC'S-91. Allowing you to play arcade PCBs without needing the full machine.

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Overall, it was a totally astonishing experience. The fact having this kind of place in Jakarta was like finding a needle in a haystack. We're lucky to call Mahesa a friend, he knows (probably) everything about video games; from the oldschool ones, arcades, down to the latest Nintendo Switch. I hope this article could inspire all the geeks and video gamers in Indonesia to start polishing their mancave. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the gallery below. See you later fellas.

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