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Sebastian Agra Pragnya

Agra has been exposed to pop culture since his early age, and he has been deply-rooted in it ever since. His early influences were rotating around the Japanese anime & toys.

These days, he mainly collects western comic books, art books, and toys. While most comic lovers in my circle lean towards North American comics, Agra shows his passion in the European comics such as ones by Phillipe Druillet & Moebius

I spent a few short hours with him at this "room" as he introduced me to European comics in much depth. Personally (especially before I met Agra), I did not have any interest in reading comic books / graphic novels which are written in foreign languages outside my linguistic portfolio, such as French or Italian; I was simply not convinced if someone would collect comics written in language they don't understand, but after I left his place, I started hunting such comic books.

Please enjoy some of the pictures I took while I was there enjoying his humble-but-jaw-dropping collections.

Words, Interview & Photography by Detlef Schrempf (2024)

Room Service

When did you start collecting what you are collecting until recently?

When I was around 4 years old, my dad used to buy me mini diecast cars like Matchbox or Majorette (old school brands). I loved playing with those cars for many years. But, the major turning point came when I was 5 years old, and my mom gave me a Betamax. I asked, "What's this?" and my mom replied, "Read the title. It's Voltes V."

That was the first classic anime that I watched, and it completely blew my mind. That sense of being transported to an entirely different world fascinated me.

I watched Voltes V repeatedly, and one day, my dad bought me a Voltes V die-cast. It was called Godaikin and made by Bandai at that time. Since that day, I started watching Tokusatsu (sci-fi live action) shows like Gavan, Sharivan, Google V, Bioman, etc.

I began collecting toys from these shows, reigniting my passion for collecting.

Most of your comic books & books are in foreign languages. Isn’t it bothering you to not knowing the meaning of most of the pages?

My comic books mainly come from three countries: the US, Japan, and Europe.

If a comic is from the US, it bothers me, so I usually read it repetitively until I understand the whole story. As for Manga and European Comics, I only enjoy the visuals, but sometimes I use Google Translate, though not all the time, haha.

There are both good and bad sides to collecting comics. It's an addiction; the more you collect, the less time you have to spend, especially at my age, haha.

Who are your most favorite comic books illustrators / writers?

Phillipe Druillet, ⁠Moebius, Todd McFarlane, Simon Bisley, and Jim Lee

(Kim Jung Gi signing Agra's book at 2018's Tokyo Comic Con)

Would you mind sharing three items in your room that hold a special place in your heart? These could be possessions that bring you a sense of pride, items that required courage, effort, and, of course, a financial investment to acquire.

1. This is my 1st treasure. Because, like I said you earlier. This was the template of the infamous Blade Runner. When this book released there was even no term of "cyberpunk". Actually Ridley Scott create Blade Runner based on this book.

2. Nosferatu by Phillipe Druillet. The second partner of Moebius when they published Metal Hurlant. Hmm, I like him more than Moebius, because he is more horrific and slightly more rough than Moebius. Moebius even once said "I can't draw action scene as good as Druillet"

3. Metal Hurlant magazine: cover drawn by Druillet. Yeah I think those are my best 3.

The brief interview with Agra concludes here. We hope it serves as inspiration for everyone nurturing their passions. Here are additional pictures taken during the interview in his small, humble, yet captivating room. Detlef Schrempf will continue to explore spaces/rooms like this. If you have any recommendations or even the slightest idea of whose room we could explore next, please share them with us. @detlef.scrempf